When Monsoon arrives. Some dog likes monsoon and after summer comes monsoon. Then there is a big relief that the dog also has some problems with AE. So if you take good care then you can live a good dog. While the monsoon showers provide as much respite as the Indian Summer, it may not be for your loved one. You need to take extra care of your dog during monsoon, as it can give rise to many dog ​​diseases outbreaks. – Skin infections to respiratory disorders and gastronomical issues. In this blog post brought to you by Himalaya Companion Care, we explain how you can take care of your dogs during this rainy season.

Telling you to travel 8 TIPS is gonna happen, which will greatly benefit your dog.

1. PROTECT YOUR DOG FROM FUNGAL INFECTIONS. / Protect your dog from fungal infections.

Your Dog’s claw and stomach fungal infections are a common problem during Monsoon. You may also see pimples, redness of skin or itching. Focus on keeping your dog clean and apply anti-fungal powder regularly. This will make your dog good

2. Add fibrous fruits and vegetables to yourself / ADD FIBROUS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES TO YOUR

This will help regularize bowel movement, even if you do not have a chance to get it out due to rain. To prevent obesity, you should try to get your dog involved in some indoor exercises.

3.THUNDER ROAR / High Roar

Monsoon showers are often accompanied by loud thunder that can scare your dog. To avoid this, make a safe place for your dog to go when frightened, such as if he likes to sneeze under the bed, leaving a bedroom door open.


Keep your dog’s sleeping area free of mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and bugs as they can cause fever and other monsoon diseases.

4.GET YOUR DOG PROTECTIVE RAIN GEAR./ Get your dog protective rain gear.

Your dog has a history of skin-related allergies, you may want to consider wearing a dogs and Puppy raincoat.

5.GIVE YOUR DOG BOILED WATER / Give your dog boiled water

To help avoid all types of stomach belly issues.

6. DE-WORM YOUR DOG / De-worm your dog

The monsoon leads to an increase in worm-related illnesses such as Illnesses, anemia, general debility anorexia, lethargy of the coat and many other complications.


Make the monsoon romantic and enjoyable for your loved one. Keep them dry, safe and shower them with some extra love. Doing anything special for your dog or any other tips and tricks that can make our readers a better pet-mother-father this season?

8. MAKE A COMFORTABLE PLACE FOR YOUR DOG / Make a comfortable place for your dog

Create a comfortable place for your dog where your dog can relax and release his stress during rain and thunder. Fill your dog bed with warm clothes, where he can sit and relax without any tension.


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