When a dog appears in the house, the first thing the owner encounters is the choice of a name. A small dog needs to take a nickname so that it can separate the dog from its kind. If possible, she was compensated by her short name for short stature, and at times, her delicate physique. The surname should speak, defining the character, and later on the fate of the small pet. A little irony, more imagination and a good mood, then you get the original and are relevant in a particular situation at the same time, the name of a small dog.

Owners of small dogs, whose owners are going to include pets in all their desires: Barbie, Papsik, Karapuz, Crokha, Milash, Ellie. Dogs with such names are, as a rule, high self-esteem, self-willed, frugal.

Other nicknames will activate dogs, curious, to know their value: Atom, Micron, Hertz. Pets with them become loyal, quick-witted with the owner’s opinion.

Names with elements of irony, which show a joke, but at the same time, a serious stance of the pet owner: chhotu, fry, tricycle, koji (from the word gov ar), button, pipa, cog, Mukti, Suzuka, Crania, minus, grams. Dogs with strange nicknames make dogs cheerful, cheerful, sometimes restless, preferring to be at the center of attention.

Silly-tempered pets, who can protect their rights, asking for nicknames: Kusuk, Richuk, Klechuk, Zavariga. Do not be tempted to brand small goons, choose names that are opposite in meaning: Lapush, Good-Nature, Nashik. Perhaps, through surnames, you can change the dog’s character for the better.

These owners choose names for their small pets, so as to emphasize their development, while not mentioning the true value of the dogs: Grosha, Tensik, Koopa (obtained from Kopeka), Xiao and Yuan. Strange Dogs That Don’t Stop Amazing: Everyday owners are presented with new surprises.

Fans of foreign languages ​​pick up nicknames that derive from foreign words: little, Smolic (derived from small and small, meaning “small”), letic (light in English light), little (young, meaning Small dog) old-age puppy), piccolo or bassa (Italian piccolo, bassa), Klein and Wijnich (German words Klein, Winzig). Dogs with such a name are distinguished by the thoughtfulness and calm temperament, they are sometimes scattered and trivial.


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