PUPPY needs to be taken care of in the early months of life and that too especially if they are to be given PUPPY DIET in dosage form by depriving them of their MOTHER’s milk. Very good. In the first 4 WEEK of her life, Pappi gets all the nutritious food from her mother’s milk and if both mother and PUPPY are healthy then no supplementary DIET is required. It is good for PUPPY as much as you take care in the beginning.

If the MOTHER is not healthy and is not able to provide sufficient quantity of MILK to meet her CHILDREN requirement, then you may need to arrange a supplemental DIET. If this happens then it is better that you talk to your VETERINARY DOCTOR about which milk product to be given for daily use would be BETTER and by which method such a diet should be given. Can be given to the PUPPY which will remain and there will be no PROBLEM. For proper development, the first six of life PUPPY requires two to four meals a day in months. After 1 WEEK of life, when its weight becomes twice the weight of TIME at birth, PUPPY is required to take one to two grams of weight per pound per adult adult weight. PUPPY successfully weaned. Given below are some measures related to giving them DIET

How to feed them

  • Start giving PUPPY to PUPPY from the fourth week. First, give them a small amount of food and gradually increase the amount to conform to the regular PUPPY diet, because now the MILK they get from their MOTHER has been completely delivered.
  • A PUPPY may cause a PROBLEM or PUPPY to become ill if one does not eat more.
  • You should know that PUPPY will initially consider your diet to be some kind of play. Do not worry about it. SLOWLY SLOWLY They will become aware that it is the object of FOOD. PUPPY will become accustomed to eating dry FOOD on a regular basis when their MILK is fully redeemed when 8 WEEK is completed.
  • New PUPPY is better placed than before
  • PUPPY requires more energy than young DOG. This means that they should have PROTEIN more than their food. In consultation with your VETERINARY DOCTOR, determine the correct food and its quantity according to the breed of your DOG. For example, small-sized DOGS generally do not require more protein-rich food to protect them from ingesting WEIGHT. However, it is beneficial for medium and large DOGS.
  • Giving more food to PETS can impair their HEALTH health. Over-eating DOG develops rapidly and their front legs become like bones. Remember that eating more food will not make your DOG grow louder. The size of the DOG depends on their hereditary effects and it would be more appropriate for your dog to be healthy, eat a balanced diet and develop SLOWLY SLOWLY over time.
  • Let the DOG enjoy the treat sometimes. You would love to see them enthusiastically leaping towards a dog treat but it should not be more than 5% of their daily diet. Most of the food of your DOG should be good and quality.

What should be fed

PUPPY FOOD is rich in vitamins and proteins. It contains all types of essential fat which is suitable for the development of a PUPPY.

Before purchasing a diet for your DOG, be sure to consult your VETERINARY DOCTOR to determine which diet and how much QUANTITY would be appropriate for your PUPPY. A regular diet with the label “For every age group PUPPY” may also be better.

Larger PUPPYs develop on the basis of Puppy formulas with larger BREEDs. Under formulations containing SMALL BREED, the condensed diet is provided in bite-size pieces that correspond to the small digestive juices requirement of the smaller size PUPPY. Medium formulas of these are suitable for medium BREED.


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