FOOD is very important for DOG because you can make it very good. Every DOG is different and its nutritional needs are different. Give the food for this according to that. TIME feeding DOG, you have to consider many factors. Keep in mind the size and age of your DOG SIZE when finding the right brand of FOOD for it. If you want to cook your DOG, first

Consult VETERINARY DOCTOR. Decide whether you will feed your DOG for free or feed it to a program, and establish rules for your DOG about FOOD and meal times. And as much attention you pay to DOG FOOD. That is good for DOG. You may encounter special conditions, such as illness and obesity, that will change how you feed your DOG. Talk to your VERINARY DOCTOR. If your dog has any special needs, then according to their DIET, you can meet them. Do not give any food that is dog problem.

1. Avoid certain foods. If you are cooking your PUPPY food at home, or sometimes give your PUPPY a table scrap, some people’s food is toxic to DOGS. Never give any of the following foods to your DOG. And whoever is giving FOOD, must check once or not for the DOG.




Fermented dough

Aromatic foods that may cause OBESITY or dental problems

Chocolate (CHOCOLATE)

If you do not give FOOD to DOG, then DOG can be probelm.

2. Adjust the food type based on your dog’s age

Adjust the type of FOOD based on the age of your DOG. Q: All the dogs come to FOOD according to the age of the DOG, then if you give according to the AGE, then the DOG will get the NUTRITION. If you have a puppy or a big dog, if you have ADULT dog then give it ADULT dog FOOD. If it is PUPPY then give it food with PUPPY. These age DOGS require specific diets that cannot be met with the FOOD of the regular DOG. Aa

PUPPY should feed a mixture of wet and dry FOOD. Food should be between 25 and 30% PROTIEN. PUPPY has a tendency to feed, so it is a good idea to feed at regular TIME instead of free feeding. This is especially true if your PUPPYs are a small breed.

If you have a large DOG, ask your VERINARY DOCTOR when to start a senior diet. Larger breeds of DOGS require a senior diet. Very large breeds will require a senior diet at the age of 5 YEARS. You will need increased amounts of some VITAMINS, such as vitamin E and beta carotene, which you can find in some commercial DOG foods. Your VERINARY DOCTOR may also write a supplement. Look at the senior DOG foods that contain small amounts of PROTIN. A DOG protein does not alter AGE as needed.

3.Read food labels on commercial dog foods

The cheapest and best way to feed your DOG is to go for a commercial BRAND of DOGS FOOD. If you take good FOOD BRAND then it contains a lot of NUTRITION which is good for DOG. Most commercial DOGS food brands, PROTIN, are made from a combination of fat and fiber. They are also fortified with VITAMIN and minerals that your DOG needs for its overall health. If you are any DOG FOOD, then your DOG can be PROBLEM. Sometimes that food will not be eaten ie DOG food. When selecting a commercial BRAND of dog food, however, be sure to read the label to ensure that the BRAND is healthy.

The types of ingredients you recognize, such as specific types of meat and grains. DOG BRAND does everything for healthy. Many of the by-products listed may not be healthy for your DOG. Avoid foods that contain large amounts of preservatives. Let’s use. You should also avoid FOOD that does not specify the type of meat used.

4.Establish meal times if you want to feed your dog on a schedule

If your DOG is not TRENING to eat in a program, you may need to schedule a meal FOOD, you TIME TO TIME FOOD to the dog. He has a habit of eating at a certain TIME. He may skip food between FOOD, which can result in food spoilage (BAD) if you are feeding him a diet of canned foods. You can place the food on the floor for a period of 30 minutes, and remove the FOOD after this TIME period. After all, your DOG should learn to eat food TIME

Be careful when removing your DOG’s FOOD. Some DOGs can be aggressive if you DIFFERENT them from your food.


Your DOG sometimes has a FOOD account and never eats it, you can see a sample of any FOOD BRAND. Or look at the mini PACK lock and then let the O DOG eat, otherwise what happens. That if you bring a big PACK, sometimes after a few days your DOG Dog FOOD leaves the food. So you take MINI PACK and see if your DOG eats or not, if you are eating well then you bring big PACK.

6. Choose a good place to feed your dog

Feed your DOG only to a portion of the HOUSE reserved for it. If you feed your DOG in a busy area, it can be territorial about food, like in the middle of the kitchen. Instead, choose a corner in the living room where you can always feed your DOG

If you have multiple DOGs, you may want to feed them in a separate room. This can be especially important if your DOG is territorial about its FOOD.


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