Pet Food Stamp, the new charity-based program based in New York, is helping people who cannot afford to feed their pets. It is open to anyone in the country, and people are signing up quickly.

It is not a government program. It is a charity based non-profit group. Mark Okan made it, hoping that low-income families give their pets some rough time.

“I got a letter from a woman who is on food stamps,” he told ABC-7. “She recently lost her job. She is a mother to a severely disabled young boy, and she said that her only companion and her only way of communication is with the family dog, and that they can get rid of the dog. Thinking about it because they can’t afford to feed it. It’s people for whom this program is aimed. ”

A message on the site reads, “There are over 50 million Americans who currently receive food stamps, many with dogs or cats, who cannot afford to feed their animals, and these beloved companion animals Are dropped into shelters where they are most likely asleep. ”

The pet food stamp began only two weeks ago, and the response has been overwhelming.

“We are receiving several thousand applications a day,” said Okan. “And with each application, there can be two or three dogs or two or three cats, so in total, we have over 40, 000 cats and dogs already waiting for food.”

“We are not seeking government funding at this time,” Okan told “Should the government be ready to provide assistance down the line, we’ll look into it.”

Signing up is simple: complete an online application on the website. Once the information is verified, applicants will receive a monthly shipment of food from Pet Food Direct for a period of six months. In the future, the group also expects free or heavily discounted veterinary care.

The event is run entirely by private donations, but Okon is looking for corporate sponsors. He said that those who seek quality for government assistance probably qualify for their program.

“A pet’s love, the pet’s therapeutic potential, and such things are impossible to measure. It gives us a great sense of pride to be able to help people like this, and we’re happy to do it . “


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